1997 Annual Report


This is the eighteenth annual progress report of the California Department of Water Resources' San Francisco Bay-Delta Evaluation Program (Work Authority 1463), which is carried out by the Delta Modeling Section. It documents progress in the development and enhancement of the Section's computer models and reports the latest findings of studies conducted as part of the program.

The majority of effort in the last year was devoted to further development and calibration of DSM2, the new one-dimensional river, estuary, and land model. Work also continued with artificial neural networks used to estimate carriage water. A World Wide Web home page (http://wwwdelmod.water.ca.gov) was established to disseminate the work of the program.

This report was compiled and edited by Ralph Finch, under the direction of Francis Chung (program manager for the Bay-Delta Evaluation Program), with production assistance from Nikki Blomquist, under the direction of Nancy Ullrey. The Land Processes Module was written by Parviz Nader; the Sensitivity Analyses and Hydro Application sections were written by Susan Lee and Parviz Nader; and the Marginal Export Cost and MDO Replacement section was written by Nicky Sandhu and Don Wilson. The remaining sections were written by Ralph Finch.

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