1    Introduction

This is the twentieth annual progress report of the California Department of Water Resources' San Francisco Bay-Delta Evaluation Program (Work Authority 1463), which is carried out by the Delta Modeling Section.

Most of the work effort during the last year was concentrated on development, enhancement, application, and verification of Delta Simulation Model 2 (DSM2).  DSM2 is now the official model that is currently being used in the Delta Modeling Section.  VISTA, the graphical user interface developed for DSM2, is now quite powerful, and has made it very easy for the user to examine the model output.  A number of script files, and various post-processing routines, have also made it fairly easy for the user to conduct multi-year planning runs.

This report was compiled by Lisa Bauer, under the direction of Francis Chung, program manager for the Bay-Delta Evaluation Program.  Chapter 2 - DSM2 Model Development, was written by Ralph Finch.  Chapter 3 - DSM2 1997 Dye Simulation, was written by Tara Smith.  Chapter 4 - Modeling of 1998 Hydrodynamics in the Delta, was written by Hari Rajbhandari.  Chapter 5 - VSCRIPT: A Scripting Language Extension for Vista, was written by Nicky Sandhu.  Chapter 6 - Verification of DSM2-HYDRO, was written by Parviz Nader.

Authors: Lisa Bauer & Francis Chung
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Last revised: 2001-09-12

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