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Department of Water Resources

1416 9th Street,
Sacramento, Ca 95814

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 942836,
Sacramento, Ca 94236-0001

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 Cross Section Development Program

The Cross Section Development Program (CSDP) was written in Java by Brad Tom.



Download csdpsetup.exe. Execute the file and follow the directions.

Other Platforms

Download csdp.zip and read the README file.

Input Files

The bathymetry data (Last Updated: 07/23/2003) is available as

  1. A CSDP-readable binary file, UTM Zone 10 Nad 83, NGVD 29: dsm2Nad83Ngvd29.cdp
  2. An ASCII file, UTM Zone 10 Nad 83, NGVD 29: dsm2Nad83Ngvd29.zip
  3. A CSDP-readable binary file, UTM Zone 10 Nad 83, NAVD 88: dsm2Nad83Navd88.cdp
  4. An ASCII file, UTM Zone 10 Nad 83, NAVD 88: dsm2Nad83Navd88.zip
All files are readable by the CSDP.  Also available for use with the CSDP:
  1. The DSM2 network files contains all irregular cross-sections used in the current version of DSM2.
  2. The landmark file contains DSM2 node numbers and their locations.
  3. The channel outline file contains outlines of channels used in DSM2.
  4. To view the cross sections and the DSM2 grid map online, please click here for 2000 calibraton, and here for 2009 calibration.

See also Chapter 10 of the 1995 Annual Report, which describes a preliminary bathmetry data effort, and the CSDP Manual (Last Updated 10/18/2001), which is available in a pdf file.

Workshop/Training Material

Presentation & Webex recording (Feb. 11, 2009)

To play the Webex recording, download and install the Webex Player:
Go to the Webex download page: http://www.webex.com/downloadplayer.html. Click on the link to download the ".ARF Player".

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