Particle Reservoir Filter is a section in the PTM input where you set up particle-filters. Particle Reservoir Filter is designed to modify the particle flux at reservoir, without changing hydrodynamic condition, by keeping particles from entering the specified waterbody.



This is a special filter, which locates at a reservoir directly connecting to a source flow. The PARTICLE_RES_FILTER table defines particle filters by giving them names, associating them to a reservoir and one of its directly connecting waterbody, and setting up the passing efficiency. (which could be constant value, or time-varying data in DSS).

Filed Descriptions

Name assigned to the particle filter. This is the identifier of the filter used elsewhere to refer to the filter.
The name of the reservoir to which the filter is applied.
The type and ID of the waterbody to which the filter is attached.
Method for filling in data if the time step of the assigned series is coarser than the time step of the model. See fillin types
DSS or text file in which data are stored. Use consistent case when referring to the same file. You may also enter the word constant if you would like to assign a constant value to the input (the value will be entered in the next column).
The path within the text or DSS file of the time series data. If you used the constant keyword in the Input File column, enter the value here. The stored variable is particle passing efficiency, a float value between 0 ~ 1: 0-block; 1-totally pass.


NAME           RES_NAME       WATERBODY           FILLIN  FILE                   PATH
clfc_div_bbid  clifton_court  qext:dicu_div_bbid  last    ./filterOp.dss   

Usage Notes: