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Bay-Delta Office
Department of Water Resources

1416 9th Street,
Sacramento, Ca 95814

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 942836,
Sacramento, Ca 94236-0001

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 DSM2 Documentation
 General Description
  DSM2 is a river, estuary, and land modeling system.
  • River - Can simulate riverine systems, and has been extended from Sacramento to Shasta Dam. Also has been tested with high flow/stage simulations for flood modeling.
  • Estuary - Completely flexible estuary model; stages and flows may be specified at boundary and internal points.
  • Land - Includes effects from land-based processes, such as consumptive use and agricultural runoff.

DSM2 can calculate stages, flows, velocities; many mass transport processes, including salts, multiple non-conservative constituents, temperature, THM formation potential and individual particles.

The model is copyrighted by the State of California, Department of Water Resources. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. This means it can be copied, distributed, and modified freely, but you may not restrict others in their ability to copy, distribute, and modify it. See the License for more details. Also notice the list of protected routines.

DSM2 Source Code

  • DSM2 Source Code zipped files (1.72 MB, 5/25/2005)

    - Minimum requirements for the compilation of DSM2 (HYDRO and QUAL) source code:

    1. Compaq Visual Fortran Version 6.0
    2. Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

- Steps to compile the source code

  1. Extract all the files from the zipped file dsm2.zip.
  2. To compile and create a hydro executable file, open hydro workspace "hydro.dsw" from the Compaq Visual Developer. Once compilation process is completed, the hydro executable file "hydro.exe" will be created under the folder "hydro/release" or "hydro/debug" depending on your selection.
  3. Repeat the same process to compile and create qual executable file with qual workspace qual.dsw.
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