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Bay and Delta Tributaries Project (BDAT)

Parameters collected: Total Suspended Solids (TSS) (measured as the weight of the remaining residue after a well-mixed sample is filtered and dried) and turbidity.

Frequency of collection: Variable. Some continuous (15-60 min) and some “near” monthly data ***

Method of parameter collection:
measurements use EPA 160.2, 2540D, or unknown methods.  For both the EPA 160.2 and the 2450D method, the well-mixed samples are filtered through a glass fiber filter and then dried to a constant weight at 103-105 degress Celsius.

Turbidity is measured by EPA method 180.1 (using Nephelometry)

Data format: HTML, excel, text, or zipped text file

Period of collection: Minimun and maximun dates available,
TSS: 1975-2007
Turbidity: 1967-2009

Parameter collection location:  100's of locations throughout the Delta and SF Bay for both TSS and turbidity


Source:  Search by location, BDAT Water Right Decision 1641 Monitoring Stations Gallery


Notes: In addition to being able to search by data category, there is also a search by location link. Within the data by location link there are links to UNCHECKED real-time data from the California Data Exchange Center (CDEC) and/or to verified long term data from BDAT

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