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Delta dredged sediment Long-Term Management Strategy (LTMS)

Parameters collected: Varies

Frequency of collection: Unknown

Method of parameter collection:

Data format: MS Access

Period of collection: Unknown

Paramter collection locations: Unknown


William N. Brostoff, Ph.D.

Senior Coastal and Wetlands Ecologist

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

1455 Market St.

San Francisco, CA 94103

           phone: (415) 503-6867

         Al Paniccia

Notes: This is a private multi-agency effort related to beneficial use of dredged sediment from the Delta. Their database is designed to answer the following questions.  

Which sediment contaminants were measured?
What collection and analytical methods were used?
Do the method detection limits meet QA/QC guidelines?
Are toxicity test protocols using standard ASTM methods?
Were appropriate laboratory methods used?
Which species, tissue type, methods used, etc?
Which contaminants were measured?
Where were samples taken?

Files available for download:

    Delta Dredged Sediment Long-Term Management Strategy Database User Guide
    Delta LTMS Database
    Appendix 1
    Appendix 2

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