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Delta Sediment Data Inventory: Data Links

DWR Central District

Parameters collected: Bathymetric changes and flow data

Frequency of collection: Twice a year (mostly)

Method of parameter collection: Recently switched to RTK surveying techniques

Data format: Unknown

Period of collection: Variable. Some data from the sixties (especially in the South Delta)

Parameter collection location: 11 sites throughout the Delta. Also, other highly variable, mostly one time surveys of other Delta areas

URL/Contact: Information not on-line yet, but they’re starting to organize data with GIS. Contact Scott Flory ( or John Ho ( for data requests (get permission).

Notes: Get specific site locations from Shawn Mayr. Bathymetry data is rarely better than within +/-6”. Datums are much better now, but about pre-2003 are suspect. Now using RTK (Real Time Kinematic) survey technique to tie data into NAVD88 datum (data accuracy better than +/-6”). Would like to start monitoring vegetation.

Files available for download:
  Sediment Monitoring Sites
    North Delta Scour Monitoring Sites
    South Delta Scour Monitoring Sites


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