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Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (SRCSD), the Sacramento Coordinated Monitoring Program (CMP)

Parameters collected: TSS, Turbidity

Frequency of collection:  At least six times per year, per station

Method of parameter collection: TSS is calculated using EPA method 160.2/SM 2540D and turbidity is calculated using EPA method 180.1

Data format: Unknown ***

Period of collection: From 1992-2008

Parameter collection locations: Three sites on the Sacramento River (1)Veterans Bridge (upstream from the Sacramento urban area), (2) Freeport Marina (upstream from the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP) discharge), (3) River Mile 44 (downstream from the SRWTP discharge), and three places on the American River, (1) Nimbus Damn (below discharge), (2) Business 80 Overpass, (3) Discovery Park (near the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers).


Source: SRCSD 2007-2008 Annual Report



          To view monitoring data, contact the SRCSD staff

          Steve Nebozuk, Program Manager

          phone: 916-876-6118

Joint effort of SRCSD and the Sacramento Stormwater Management Plan, implemented in 1991. They collect river water samples and test for a variety of water quality constituents and contaminants.

Documents available include Annual Reports and Appendices with summary statistics starting 1992 (also has available time-series plots available for selected parameters).

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