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Delta Sediment Data Inventory: Data Links

United States Geological Survey (USGS): Continuous monitoring in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento San-Joaquin Delta

Parameters collected: Suspended sediment (SS)

Frequency of collection:
15 minutes real time, plus some historical daily data

Method of parameter collection: Calibrated optical backscatterance sensors (OBS) - triggered by an electronic data logger. Every 15 minutes the sensor collects data every second for one minute and averages the output voltage.

Data format: Filenames are .sdf extensions

Period of collection:
1989-2007. Webpage will be updated as more data becomes available. Data availability variable among individual sites.

Parameter collection locations:
17 sites: Dumbarton Bridge, San Mateo Bridge, Alcatraz, San Pablo Bay Channel, Marker 1 (in San Pablo Bay), Carquinez, Benicia Bridge, Mallard Island, marker 17 (south of Dumbarton), Pier 24, Golden Gate Bridge, Point San Pablo, Marker 9 (in San Pablo Bay), Mare Island, Causeway, and Martinez.


Notes: Follow the “Database” link from the website for the SS data.

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