Bay-Delta SELFE Tools

prepare_selfe Module

Driver module to prepares input files for a SELFE run. Example jobs in this pre-processing are:

  1. Fill up missing land/island boundaries in `hgrid.gr3’.
  2. Re-order the open boundaries.
  3. Create and
  4. Create spatial information such as elev.ic, rough.gr3 and xlsc.gr3.
  5. Dredge up some part of the domain.
  6. Create an ocean boundary file,
prepare_selfe.create_fluxflag(s, inputs)
prepare_selfe.create_gr3_with_constant(s, inputs)
prepare_selfe.create_gr3_with_polygons(s, inputs)
prepare_selfe.create_hgrid(s, inputs)
prepare_selfe.create_prop_with_polygons(s, inputs)
prepare_selfe.create_source_sink(s, inputs)
prepare_selfe.create_structures(s, inputs)
prepare_selfe.dict_constructor(loader, node)
prepare_selfe.dict_representer(dumper, data)

Create an array of land boundary information that conforms RueenFang’s data structure

Parameters :

mesh: selfe_mesh :

Returns :

numpy array :

land baoundaries, [ind, node1, node2, ind_section, ind_in_section]

prepare_selfe.item_exist(inputs, name)
prepare_selfe.substitute(inputs, env=None)
prepare_selfe.update_spatial_inputs(s, inputs)

Create SELFE grid inputs s = selfe utility object inputs = inputs from an input file

prepare_selfe.update_temporal_inputs(s, inputs)

Create temporal inputs. Under development