Bay-Delta SELFE Tools

remove_bad_tvd_cells Module

remove_bad_tvd_cells.collect_nodes_to_remove(bad_elements, mesh)

bad_elements = numpy array of bad elements, which is an output from get_bad_elements mesh = SELFE mesh from the sorted bad elements. return = a set of bad nodes to remove

remove_bad_tvd_cells.get_bad_elements(output_dir, n_proc)

Infer the number of processors used from ‘global_to_local.prop’ file global_to_local_fpath = path of ‘global_to_local.prop’ return = # of processors used

remove_bad_tvd_cells.remove_nodes(nodes_to_remove, mesh)

Remove the given nodes from the given tvd mesh nodes_to_remove = a set of node indices to remove mesh = SELFE mesh no return