Bay-Delta SELFE Tools

separate_species Module

Separation of tidal data into species The key function in this module is separate_species, which decomposes tides into subtidal, diurnal, semidiurnal and noise components. A demo function is also provided that reads tide series (6min intervl) from input files, seperates the species, writes results and optionally plots an example

separate_species.plot_result(ts, ts_semi, ts_diurnal, ts_sub_tide, station)

This is the data for the example. Note that you want the data to be at least 4 days longer than the desired output


Separate species into subtidal, diurnal, semidiurnal and noise components

ts: timeseries to be decomposed into species, assumed to be at six minute intervals. The filters used have long lenghts, so avoid missing data and allow for four extra days worth of data on each end.
four regular time series, representing subtidal, diurnal, semi-diurnal and noise
separate_species.write_th(filename, ts_output)

This works fine for fairly big series