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Using Python Pre-processing Tools Directly

Performance Eval and Tuning

Subcycling analysis

The script analyzes output messages to find and map (as a *.prop file) the elements responsible for heavy amounts of subcycling.

usage: [-h] --start START [--end END] [--dtb DTB]
                            [--ncore NCORE] [--hgrid HGRID] [--dir DIR]
--start=0 Start day (integer) of subcycling analysis. Avoid the beginning where feasible
--end End day (integer) of analysis.
 Time step threshold above which subcycling is ignored
--ncore Number of cores in simulation
 absolute or relative path of hgrid.gr3
--dir=outputs directory where nonfatal* are located

Plotting model performance

The plot is a simple time series plot showing the model speed calculated based on output plot timestamps.

usage: [-h] [--dir DIR] [--start START] [--end END]
                       [--blocklen BLOCKLEN]
--dir=. Name of working directory
--start Start block (integer) of analysis.
--end End day (integer) of analysis.
--blocklen=1.0 Number of simulated days in one output block