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vtools.datastore.excel package


vtools.datastore.excel.api module

vtools.datastore.excel.excel_catalog module

Catalog class for a excel file data.

For the moment, it is virtually an empty class.

class ExcelCatalog(excel_file_path)

Bases: vtools.datastore.catalog.Catalog

A simple catalog class for excel data source.

No capacity for the time being.


data_references(selector, excelformatentry)

Excel implementaiton of create data ref based on selector and format setting, different from other type of data sources.

vtools.datastore.excel.excel_constants module

vtools.datastore.excel.excel_format_entry module

ExcelFormat(ts_type='rts', time='auto', header=None, write_times=True, interval=None, start=None, header_labels=None)
class ExcelFormatEntry

Bases: object

A helper class to store Excel stroing and retrieving format setting.

vtools.datastore.excel.excel_service module

Service to access excel data source.

class ExcelService

Bases: vtools.datastore.service.Service

Service to access excel data source.


batch_add(ref, ts_list)

Add a number of ts into a excel worksheet pointed by ref.

ts_list: might be single ts or list of ts. ref: data refernce instance.

For the limitation of excel, a number of ts has to be added into excel worksheet in one time.

identification = 'vtools.datastore.excel.ExcelService'
static serve(source)

vtools.datastore.excel.utility module

Utility function to store time series into or retrieve time series from excel file.

excel_store_ts(ts, excel_file, selection, header=None, write_times='all')

store single series or list of series into excel

excel_retrieve_ts(excel_file, selection, ts_type, time=None, **args)

” retrieve ts from excel file may return a single ts or list of ts.

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