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 DMS News 2005 & 2004

DSM2-DB Status
Work continues on the new version of DSM2, which should be ready in the first half of 2005. Significant new features are usage of a relational database and GUI, HDF5 for the tidefile, more flexible gate parameters, and an operating rule language. (01/18/05)



DSM2 Users Group Meeting
Delta Modeling Section staff hosted the October DSM2 Users Group Meeting where topics covered included the Delta Modeling Section’s Annual Report, DOC forecasts associated with Jones Tract pumpout, and the DSM2 California Aqueduct Extension. (11/13/04)


  DSM2 DOC Forecasts for Jones Tract
The Delta Modeling Section completed an updated set of DSM2 Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) forecasts testing the sensitivity of future Jones Tract pump-off operations and different DOC growth rates on Jones Tract at four Delta urban drinking water intakes (the State Water Project’s Banks Pumping Plant, the Central Valley Water Project’s Tracy Pumping Plant, and Contra Costa Water District’s Los Vaqueros Reservoir and Rock Slough Intakes). These updated forecasts showed DOC levels at Banks and Tracy peaking between 4 and 6 mg/L for some scenarios in late September. Earlier DSM2 forecasts showed higher DOC concentrations.

  Forecasting DOC due to Jones Tract Pump-Out
The Delta Modeling Section of the Bay-Delta Office completed a set of short-term and long-term Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) forecasts in response to proposed repair and pump-off operations associated with the Jones Tract Levee Breach. The short-term forecasts focused on the early impacts of the proposed pump-off operations at four South Delta urban intakes, while the long-term forecasts examined the DOC through the end of 2004. Studies indicate little impact at the urban intakes within the first two weeks of pump-out, but, assuming a high-DOC growth rate in Jones Tract, DOC at the State Water Project (Clifton Court Forebay), Tracy Pumping Plant, and the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Intake may exceed 6 mg/L before the pump-out operations end in early October 2004. (07/09/04)

  Update on REALM Development
A new River, Estuary, and Land Model (REALM) is being developed to take advantage of state-of-the-art techniques in computational fluid dynamics and related fields such as GIS, databases, and system control. The latest work has been summarized in the status report. (3/25/04)

  CWEMF 2004 Annual Meeting
Modeling Support Branch staff attended the annual CWEMF meeting at Asilomar in late February. The Department of Water Resources modeling staff made 15 presentations and moderated 5 sessions. The number of DWR presentations accounts for one-third of all presentations made during three days of the conference. The conference was well attended (over 120) and was highly successful in exchanging up-to-date information. (03/05/04)

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