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 DWR/USBR Public Workshop

  April 9th, 2004

Purpose of the workshop was three-fold: to share DWR/USBR joint draft response plan to address issues raised in the December 2003 CALSIM II review report, to entertain stakeholders and other public comments on the draft response plan, and to discuss needs for any follow-up workshop(s) on selected topic(s). Listed below are the main reports, followed by the presentations delivered at the workshop. Any public comments and or feedback on the workshop, presentations, or reports should be sent to Sushil Arora. There is a link to his e-mail below. Please make sure all comments on the listed reports and Draft Response Plan are sent on or before May 10th.

Workshop Attendees

Powerpoint Presentations from April 9th 2004 Workshop

1) Presentation from Jay Lund and Stacy Tanaka on their interviews and feedback from the CALSIM II users community.
CALSIM II in California's Water Community: Musing on a Model

2) Presentation from Jay Lund on the Scientific Review Panels finding and recommendations for the CALSIM II peer review from November 13-14th, 2004.
Summary of Findings: CALSIM II Review Workshop

3) Presentation from DWR and USBR as an overview of the CALSIM II Draft Response Plan to address issues raised in the CALSIM II Review Report, December 2003
Draft Response Plan

Reports of Interest

1) A strategic Review of CALSIM II and it's Use for Water Planning, Management, and Operations in Central California, December 4th, 2003

2) CALSIM II in California's Water Community: Musing on a Model, January 20th, 2004

3) CALSIM II Simulation of Historical SWP-CVP Operations, November, 2003

4) DWR/Reclamation Draft Response Plan, April 5th, 2004

For further information, or to send comments or responses, please contact Sushil Arora






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