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Department of Water Resources

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 CalLite: Central Valley Water Management Screening Model

CalLite: Central Valley Water Management Screening Model Version 3.00 (Beta)

Release notes
CalLite 3.00 also includes batch-run capability, a dynamic San Joaquin River module, climate change scenario, and the ability to specify individual actions and various water supply allocation methods. For more information, please read the release notes.

CalLite3.00 Installer
Download the installer from the above link. Click on " CalLite3.00_Installer.exe" to install the CalLite model. The installer will guide you through to install the model. After successful completion of software installation, click on Windows 'Start' button and navigate to Start > Programs > CalLite_v3>CalLite_v3.exe to start CalLite GUI. You can also double click on CalLite_v3.exe - a shortcut icon on your desktop - to start the CalLite GUI. 

Developer Version
The developer version of CalLite3.00 model code is embeded with the model. Code can be found in the installer directory, folder name: model_w2. To use the code, you must agree the GNU General Public License terms and conditions.

CalLite user and reference guides are available in PDF format. The reference guide includes principles, assumptions, and features of CalLite model. CalLite user guide briefly describes how to set up model scenario and analyze results using the GUI.

These are older presentations from CalLite 2.00 (Beta) workshop. The presentations and handouts for exercises can be downloaded from the above link.

Islam, N., Arora, S., Chung, F.I., Reyes, F., Field, R., Munevar, A., Sumer, D., Parker, N.L., and Chen, Z.Q.R. (2011). “CalLite: California Central Valley Water Management Screening Model.” J. Water Resour. Plan. Manage., 137(1), 123-133.

Islam, N., Parker, N.L., Canada, H., Reyes, F., Fitzhugh, T., Chung, F.I., Sandhu, P., Chen, Z.Q.R., Xie, H., Kao, K.C., Hoang, R., Easton, D., and Slawecki, T. (2014). “Central Valley Water Management Screening Model for Water Management Alternatives.” Proc. 7th Intl. Congress on Env. Modelling and Software, San Diego, Calif, 1675-1681. <Article>



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