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 CalLite: Central Valley Water Management Screening Model

(Web Site Last Updated: October 12, 2012)

CalLite: Central Valley Water Management Screening Model

The Department of Water Resources, CA (DWR) and US Bureau of Reclamation Mid-Pacific Region (USBR), have developed a screening model for planning and management of State Water Project and Central Valley Project in California. This screening model, named CalLite, simulates the hydrology of the Central Valley, reservoir operations, project operations and delivery allocation decisions, delta salinity responses to river flow and export changes, and habitat-ecosystem flow indices. While CalLite maintains the hydrologic, operational and institutional integrity as represented in CalSim, the tool is easy to use and reduces runtime significantly.

CalLite simulates water conditions in the Central Valley over an 82-yr planning period (water years 1922-2003). The screening tool is designed for use in a variety of stakeholder processes for improved understanding of water system operations and potential future management changes. CalLite can simulate observed hydrologic regimes or possible future climate change hydrologic regimes. The tool bridges the gap between more detailed system models (CalSim) managed by DWR and USBR and policy/stakeholder demand for rapid and interactive policy evaluations. CalLite can be applied to assist in the screening of a variety water management options and to educate decision makers on system responses. Future version of CalLite model will allow interactive modification of a variety of water management actions including alternative conveyance options, storage options, and river and Delta channel flow and salinity targets.

CalLite uses Water Resources Integrated Modeling System (WRIMS) software developed and maintained by DWR and USBR.  CalLite code was written using Water Resources Simulation Language (WRESL) – flexible language interface to the linear programming solver and the database. WRIMS is used to compile the WRESL code and to create CalLite executable. An interactive CalLite Graphical User Interface (GUI) has also been developed to setup alternatives, run CalLite executable, and analyze results effectively. CalLite development team package all the necessary executables, libraries, and tables for users. Users simply install the software and run the model without purchasing any additional software or license. DWR and USBR will contact you, if license or CalLite code update is necessary.

Current CalLite Version

CalLite is copyrighted by the State of California Department of Water Resources. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License. This means it can be copied, distributed, and modified freely, but you may not restrict others in their ability to copy, distribute, and modify it. See GNU General Public License for more details.

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