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 CalSim-II SWP Delivery Reliability Studies 2013

All input and output for the CalSim-II studies described in the Final State Water Project Delivery Reliability Report 2013 and Technical Addendum can be downloaded at the following links.

Current Conditions (2013)
Future Conditions (2033)
Future Conditions (2033) with Climate Change

For each scenario, timeseries input, including inflows affected by climate change, can be found in [Study File]\COMMON\DSS\[**]SV.dss, and CalSim-II timeseries output can be found in [Study File]\CONV\DSS\[**]DV.dss.

Timeseries data stored in DSS files can be accessed with a number of tools. These include HEC-DSSVue and the WRIMS 2 (svn 2856) Simple GUI or the WRIMS 2 (svn 2856) GUI/IDE . Both HEC-DSSVue and WRIMS 2 can be downloaded for free.

The Final State Water Project Delivery Reliability Report 2013 can be accessed by clicking here. Errata: In Table 5-6 on page number 44, "Wet Periods" should be replaced by "Dry Periods", as indicated here. The technical addendum can be accessed by clicking here.

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