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Bay-Delta Office
Department of Water Resources

1416 9th Street,
Sacramento, Ca 95814

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 942836,
Sacramento, Ca 94236-0001

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 WRIMS Downloads

Water Resources Integrated Modeling System (WRIMS) Downloads

The WRIMS (formerly named CALSIM) software may be downloaded here. The current download is packaged into a zip file. Download this file to a temporary (i.e. c:\temp, d:\temp) directory on your machine. Unzip this file in the temporary directory. Double-click on the extracted "install.bat" file to begin the installer program. This program will lead you through the required steps. It is recommended WRIMS be installed in the C:\CALSIM or D:\CALSIM directory.

Note that Lahey Fortran 90 Compiler v4.5 (Lahey Computer Systems http://www.lahey.com) and XA Callable Library v13.95 or later (Sunset Software Technology (http://www.sunsetsoft.com) are required to create, modify, or run studies. Please contact these vendors and see the links below for details.

Lahey Fortran 90 v4.5 must be installed on your machine and the "\lf9045\bin" directory on your system path. The XA Callable Library dll ("XAV13.DLL") must be copied to the CALSIM "bin" installation directory (e.g. c:\CALSIM\bin).

WRIMS is copyrighted by the State of California, Department of Water Resources. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. This means it can be copied, distributed, and modified freely, but you may not restrict others in their ability to copy, distribute, and modify it. See the License for more details.

WRIMS 1.5.1 Download with XA 13
Note:  For information on how to use the "Multi-Study" Runner GUI for "B2" and "EWA" model runs, consult the MSR-ReadMe.txt file that is installed in the CALSIM program directory.

WRIMS 1.5.1 Download with XA 16
Note:  For use with newer CalSim II studies.

XA Callable Library Download
Note:  This link will take you to the Sunset Software Technology website where a page has been set up for downloading of this software.

Lahey Fortran 90 Purchase
Note:  This link will take you to the Tallac Technology website page with ordering information.

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