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 CalSim 2 Model Peer Review Process

• The CALFED Science Program invited Dr. Pete Loucks of Cornell University to organize and chair an expert panel for the review of CalSim 2 Water Resources Planning Model. In addition to Dr. Loucks as the chairperson, the panel consisted of Drs. A. Close (Murray Darling Basin Commission), W.M. Haneman (University of California, Berkeley), J.W. Labadie (Colorado State University), J.R. Lund (University of California, Davis), D.C. McKinney (University of Texas, Austin), and J.R. Stedinger (Cornell University). The panel published its final report on December 4, 2003, titled: A Strategic Review of CALSIM II and its Use for Water Planning, Management, and Operations in Central California.

• In response to the short-term and long-term improvements recommended in the December 4, 2003 CalSim 2 Panel Review Report, DWR and USBR staff developed a program to implement the major features of those recommendations according to a time line that met agencies priorities and model development goals. The agencies response plan was documented in an August 2004 report, titled: PEER REVIEW RESPONSE: A Report by DWR/Reclamation in Reply to the Peer Review of the CalSim 2 Model Sponsored by the CALFED Science Program in December 2003.

• In addition to the above general review of the CalSim 2 modeling features and capabilities, the CALFED Science Program and the California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum jointly sponsored and oversaw a review process of the CalSim 2’s updated modeling approach of the San Joaquin River Valley. The panel was chaired by Dr. J.R. Lund (University of California, Davis), and panel members were Dr. David Ford (David Ford Consulting Engineers), Mr. Les Grober (Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board), Dr. Thomas Harmon (University of California, Merced), and Dr. Daene McKinney (University of Texas, Austin). The panel published the results of its review in a January 12, 2006 Report, titled: Review Panel Report San Joaquin River Valley CalSim II Model Review.

• An updated model, CalSim 3 is under internal review.

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