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 Delta Cross Channel Re-operation and Through-Delta Facility

Regional Map of the Delta Cross Channel and
A Potential Through-Delta Facility Location

Under CALFED’s Preferred Program Alternative, two of north Delta conveyance facilities improvements include 1) evaluating and implementing improved operational procedures for the Delta Cross Channel to address fishery and water quality concerns; and 2) simultaneously evaluating a screened Through-Delta facility on the Sacramento River up to 4,000 cfs. The U. S. Bureau of Reclamation will lead the DCC efforts and DWR will lead the Through-Delta facility efforts, in cooperation with other agencies.

The diversion facility on the Sacramento River is an action to be considered only after three separate assessments are satisfactorily completed. They are:
1. a thorough assessment of DCC operational strategies and confirmation of continued concern over water quality impacts from DCC operations,
2. a thorough evaluation of the technical viability of the Through-Delta Facility (potential diversion sites between and including Hood and Georgiana Slough will be considered as part of this evaluation), and
3. a satisfactory resolution of the fisheries concerns about a Through-Delta Facility.

The Delta Conveyance Branch will complete studies and make recommendations for reoperation of the Delta Cross Channel and construction of a Through-Delta Facility.

Electronic copies of the following reports are available for viewing:

Title:     Modeling of a Delta Cross Channel Gate Extension, Technical Memorandum (PDF Download, 308 KB)
Date:    September 24, 2007

Title:     Modeling of Value Engineering Study Alternatives for the Through Delta Facility, Technical Memorandum (PDF Download, 223 KB)
Date:    September 25, 2007

Title:     Value Engineering Study Final Report - Through Delta Facility (PDF Download, 4.1 MB)
Date:    September 25, 2007

Title:     Pilot Study to Evaluate Acoustic-Tagged Juvenile Chinook Salmon Smolt Migration in the Northern Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta 2006-2007 (PDF Download, 1.47 MB)
Date:    March 2008

Delta Cross Channel photo

Photo of the Delta Cross Channel

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