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 Element 2- Release Site Predation Study

Photos and Video from the Fishery Improvements Section

-click each thumbnail to fiew a full size photo-

Steelhead Prescreen Loss Study:

Fish TaggingFish tagging 2mobile monitoringvemco receiver


radial gatesreleasing tagged fishreleasing tagged fishgill netting



CHTR Element 2- Release Site Predation Study:

release elbowpilings at sitereleaseHydroacoustic transducers

release siteinstalling the DIDSON mountInstalling the DIDSON mount 2DIDSON on boom

DIDSON mountedlowering DIDSONMeasuring a fishoperating DIDSON

electroshockingFish tag surgeryFloy tagged fish



CHTR Element 3- Mock Release Site Study:
debris in tankmore debris in tankcatching fishfin clipping

measuring debrisinserting debris into truckgreen debrishealth asessment

post test holding tanksinside of drained tankopening the truck valvepost test salmon

mock release pipesalmon under the scopestudy site



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