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 Element 2- Release Site Predation Study

The primary objective of the Element 2 study is to develop quantitative and qualitative information for use in assessing the potential magnitude of predation mortality within the receiving waters at the state salvaged fish release sites (specifically the SWP's Horseshoe Bend release site). The Element 2 study will also provide information on the geographic distribution and behavioral patterns of predatory fish at release sites in addition to comparative investigations of predator behavior and distribution during releases of salvaged fish. The field studies included in Element 2 are intended to provide the necessary scientific and technical information for assessing the importance of predation as a factor affecting survival of salvaged fish and, in the event that predation mortality is identified as a significant factor, the studies in Element 2 will provide a foundation of information useful in identifying and evaluating potential alternative new technologies designed to reduce or avoid predation mortality of released fish.

The Element 2 study is a collaborative effort with participation from the DWR Fishery Improvements Unit, DFG Fish Facilities unit, and the USBR Fisheries and Wildlife Resources Group. Study techniques will include DIDSON camera monitoring, hydroacoustics, acoustic telemetry, avian predation monitoring, and electrofishing.

Project Schedule:

Monitoring Periods
            • August 2007
            • October 2007
            • December 2007
            • February 2008
            • March/April 2008
Data Processing/Analysis-         April-July 2008
Final Report-                            Spring 2010


The Final Report for the Release Site Predation Study is now available:

 1)Title: Release Site Predation Study (PDF Download,6.3 MB)
Date: June, 2010


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Javier Miranda, Principal Investigator
Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
California Department of Water Resources
1416, 9th Street, Room 215-5
Sacramento, CA 95814

e-mail: jmiranda@water.ca.gov
Telephone: (916) 654-7967
FAX: (916)653-9574


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