The following report on the Aeration Facility Project is for your information.  This report will be transmitted whenever changes occur to the operation of the aeration facility, and as a result of data monitoring of dissolved oxygen in the Stockton Deep Water Ship Channel.

Aeration Facility Weekly Update for October 17, 2008

The Aeration Facility has been off since Friday, September 26, 2008.  With dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the Stockton Deep Water Ship Channel well above the water quality objective of 6.0 mg/l, the system will remain off.  The effects of increased flows to meet water quality objectives in the San Joaquin River as well as the installation of the Head of Old River Barrier that was completed on Thursday, October 16, 2008 should keep DO levels up.  If DO levels decrease to the water quality objective level, the system will be turned back on for additional testing.  An update will be provided when that occurs.