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Group I Awards

The Department released Program Guidelines and the first Program proposal solicitation package (PSP) for funding totaling $45.7 million on July 13, 2010. The PSP was for Group I – Delta Region Projects [Section 75029 (d)].The Department received applications for funding potentially eligible projects on or before August 16, 2010. The Department evaluated the applications in accordance with the PSP criteria and issued award letters for three eligible applicant projects. The following projects and applicants were selected for funding:

  • Middle River Intake and Pumping Plant – Contra Costa Water District: $28,894,738
  • Delta Water Supply Project Intake and Pump Station Facility – City of Stockton Municipal Utilities Department: $12,521,052
  • North Bay Aqueduct Alternate Intake – Solano County Water Agency: $4,334,210