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Mailing Address:
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Sacramento, Ca 94236-0001

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What's New
The Delta Mendota-Canal (DMC) Recirculation program is currently on hold.  The draft Plan Formulation Report is awaiting US Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) approval to be released to the public.  Study efforts show limited benefits and significant environmental and economic impacts associated with Recirculation, An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is not being prepared.   Further study efforts may commence at a later date.

Last site update: July 7, 2010

Welcome to the DMC Recirculation Program website.

The DMC Recirculation Program is a federally authorized project that is studying the feasibility of recirculating water from the Delta-Mendota Canal into the San Joaquin River and back into the Delta.  The DMC Recirculation Project was authorized under Title 1, Section 103 of the CALFED Bay-Delta Authorization Act, Public Law 108-361 (PL 108-361). The project, if feasible, would implement a plan to recirculate Delta water via the DMC through one or more flow paths to the San Joaquin River upstream of Vernalis. The objectives of the project is to utilize excess capacity in the DMC to improve flow and reduce salinity concentrations in the San Joaquin River while reducing reliance on New Melones Reservoir water supplies to meet water quality and flow requirements. 

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) State Lead Agency for the EIR and Reclamation is the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Federal Lead agency for the EIS.  A Draft EIS/EIR, pursuant to the NEPA and CEQA, is currently not being prepared. In additional to this site project information and updates can be found on Reclamation’s website at: http://www.usbr.gov/mp/dmcrecirc/index.html.

Fact Sheet
Reclamation and DWR operate the Central Valley Project (CVP) and the State Water Project (SWP), respectively. Reclamation and DWR coordinate their water operations, including exports from the CVP’s C.W. “Bill” Jones Pumping Station (Jones Pumping Plant – formerly the Tracy Pumping Plant) and SWP’s Harvey O. Banks Pumping Station (Banks Pumping Plant). Reclamation and DWR are required to meet specific water quality and flow requirements as water rights conditions of operating the pumping stations. The DMC Recirculation Project is studying the use of the Jones Pumping Plant, the Banks Pumping Plant, the wasteways that connect the DMC to the San Joaquin River, and joint resources like the San Luis Reservoir to implement recirculation while reducing reliance on New Melones Reservoir.  View the Fact Sheet here (55KB / PDF).

Public Scoping
Public scoping is a vital component of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and California Environmental Policy Act (CEQA) processes. NEPA regulations define scoping as "an early and open process for determining the scope of issues to be addressed and for identifying the significant issues related to the proposed action." Similarly, CEQA Guidelines define scoping as "the process of early consultation with the public and agencies during the initial stage of EIR preparation." More on Public Scoping. Please visit the Reclamation website or click here to join the mailing list for DMC Recirculation Feasibility Study.

Stakeholder Meetings
A series of Stakeholder Meeting have been held. For more information on past meeting see the following link.

Notice of Preparation
Notice of Preparation of a Environmental Impact Report was filed on March 28, 2007. View the Notice of Preparation here (2.5MB / PDF).

Notice of Intent
View the Notice of Intent here (62KB / PDF).

Available Documents:
1.) Plan of Study
2.) Initial Alternatives Information Report (IAIR)
3.) Fisheries Technical Memorandum
4.) Plan Formulation Report (Coming Soon)

Additional Recirculation Project information - http://www.usbr.gov/mp/dmcrecirc/index.html

Contact Us
Requests for information and questions concerning this Recirculation program may be directed to:

Jacob McQuirk
Recirculation Program
Bay-Delta Office
California Department of Water Resources
P.O. Box 942836
Sacramento, CA 95814

e-mail: jacobmc@water.ca.gov
Telephone: (916) 653-9883
FAX: (916) 653-6077


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