The following report on the Temporary Barriers Project is for your information and action, as appropriate.  This report will be transmitted whenever changes occur to the operation of the barriers, and as a result of modeling and/or field monitoring of water levels in the south Delta.

STATUS AS OF:  Friday, August 4, 2006

Head of Old River Barrier (HORB):

The HORB was not installed this spring due to high flows.  The HORB will be installed in the fall if needed for dissolved oxygen improvements in the SJR and if requested by DFG. 

Agricultural Barriers (Old River near DMC, Middle River, Grant Line Canal):

All barriers have been closed and are in full tidal operation.  Construction cleanup was completed at the Grantline Canal Barrier on Wednesday 7-26-06.  Boat portage operations are in full swing at both the Grantline Canal and Old River barriers.


Modeling forecast was not required because of increase in water levels due to barriers operation. 


This will be the last weekly update for awhile unless changes are made to the barriers fully operational status.  The next update will likely be in early September when we begin changing operations to install the fall HORB and notching the ag barriers.

These weekly updates are also available for your information on our website

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