The following report on the Temporary Barriers Project is for your information and action, as appropriate.  This report will be transmitted whenever changes occur to the operation of the barriers, and as a result of modeling and/or field monitoring of water levels in the south Delta.

STATUS AS OF:   June 1, 2012

As stipulated by court order, the Head of Old River, Middle River, and Old River Tracy Temporary Rock Barriers were installed approximately two weeks early.  The early closure of the Head of Old River Rock barrier is intended to benefit out-migrating juvenile Chinook salmon and steelhead.

Head of Old River (HOR) Barrier:

Construction of the Head of Old River barrier began on March 15, 2012. Barrier closure and operation were achieved at noon on April 1, all eight slide-gate culverts are in the open position. Crews completed construction of the clay weir section of the barrier on April 11, 2012. Operation of the HOR barrier will conclude on May 31, 2012.

The removal of the barrier began Today, and all fish monitoring equipment was removed by May 31.  The clay section and the concrete mats were removed on June 1, and breaching of the barrier is scheduled for Monday, June 4.

The data collection period of the Head of Old River Fish Study is complete, the last juvenile Chinook Salmon release took place on May 27, 2012, and the HTI acoustic telemetry system was turned off on the morning of May 31, 2012. The analysis of 2012 data, combined with the data collected over the past few years, will give insight into juvenile Chinook and predator behavior in the vicinity of the Head of Old River under differing hydrologic and barrier conditions.


Agricultural Barriers (Middle River [MR], Old River near Tracy [ORT], Grant Line Canal [GLC]):

Construction of the Middle River barrier began on March 12 and closure was obtained on March 16.  All flap gates are tidally operated.

Construction of the Old River near Tracy barrier began on March 15, and closure and operation started on March 31. All nine flap-gate culverts are tidally operated.  The boat ramp and portage is in full operation as of Wednesday, April 4. Demobilizing and site cleanup was completed on Friday April 6.

The construction of the Grant Line Canal barrier is complete. Closure of the center weir portion of the barrier occurred on May 5, 2012. Culvert flap gates are tied open. The boat ramp and portage is in full operation. DWR will begin the re-installation of the flash board structure that was washed away during high river flows last year the week of June 4.


Environmental Permits Compliance Reporting:

No water disturbing work occurred this week. Construction environmental monitoring has started and will continue next week.


Water Levels and Water Quality Notifications:


Modeling results are not attached this week, but water levels are anticipated to remain above target levels at all three stations, Middle River at Howard Road (MHR), Old River at Tracy Boulevard (OLD), and Doughty Cut (DGL).  Following the breach of the Head of Old River on June 4, water levels will also go up.


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