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The Department of Water Resources is issuing the �State Water Project Delivery Reliability Report� to assist the contractors of the State Water Project in the assessment of the adequacy of their water supply. SWP delivery reliability is of direct interest to them and those they serve because it is an important element of their overall water supply.

Local supply reliability is of key importance to local planners and local government officials who have the responsibility to plan for future growth while assuring an adequate and affordable water supply is available for the existing population and businesses. This function is usually conducted in the course of preparing a water management plan such as the Urban Water Management Plans required by Water Code Section 10610. Information in this report may be used by local agencies in preparing or amending their water management plans and identifying the new facilities or programs that may be necessary to meet future water needs.

Local agencies will also find this report useful in conducting analyses mandated by legislation authored by Senator Sheila Kuehl (SB 221: Chapter 642, Statutes of 2001) and Senator Jim Costa (SB 610: Chapter 643, Statutes of 2001). These new laws require water retailers to demonstrate the sufficiency of their water supplies for certain proposed subdivisions and development projects subject to the California Environmental Quality Act.

The Department is available to assist local agencies in the development of Urban Water Management Plans, the development of water conservation programs, and in applying the information contained in this report to specific water users. DWR has also published a Draft Guidebook on how cities and counties can comply with Senate Bills 221 and 610.

The Final State Water Project Delivery Reliability Report can be downloaded from this site. Information on the additional studies related to the computer simulation toll CALSIM II) used to develop the delivery estimates contained in the report and the peer review of CALSIM II is available at CALSIM II Follow-up Studies and Peer Review.

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